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Green To Go

ThermalPro fully supports the Eco-Friendly, Green approach to pest control. We believe in keeping families and homes safe.


Green To Go Program

Committed to Customer Satisfaction

Green Pest Control – avoids the use of toxic pesticides. No more routine pesticide spraying! We respect you and your home and aim for a better quality of well-being. We significantly reduce environmental risks, while moving towards a smarter, more responsible approach to pest control. Our specially designed treatments provide safe, effective solutions.

We are family too. We have big caring hearts that want the best for your family, pets and environment. We are all about prevention-based, effective pest control that minimizes the need to use any toxic pesticides. Our first line of defense addresses the underlying cause of your pest problems so you can eliminate the need for pesticides in your home.

We are here to help!

Green To Go Program

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Green All Purpose

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Green Home Cleaner

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Don't see your city listed in our service areas? Give us a call at 761-318-4820 - we would be happy to help you.

Service Areas
Service Areas

Certified, Licensed,



Minnesota License #: 20188753

Wisconsin License #: 93-025501-021452

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ThermalPro Making a Difference

It is important to Thermal Pro that we give back to our community that supports us. We work with veterans, less fortunate and the elderly community by making sure that their homes are clean and safe for them to live in. 

If you are a veteran or someone that is in need of help with your home, please contact us - we would love to help you.


Our pest specialists are waiting to speak with you.

We look forward to hearing from you.‍


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After Hour Service Available

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